The following FAQs are intended to answer you in a clear form the most important questions about the project - they are regularly updated. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions via the menu item "contact form"!

Spacing of buildings

How much distance will there be between the buildings and the adjacent property at Obere Donaustraße 21?

The distance between the closest building and Obere Donaustraße 21 will be approximately 10 metres.


What measures are planned for 2019?

We are currently working on multiple variants for the realisation and calculation of the project. This requires feasibility studies and an intensive exchange with all of the project partners, public authorities, and the City of Vienna.As mentioned in the press release from 5 March 2019, residential and hotel properties are planned at LeopoldQuartier. This will not change. The final allocation for residential space – i.e. subsidised housing, freely financed housing, and serviced business apartments – is one of the subjects of the current planning measures. As of April 2019, we expect the existing buildings located directly at Obere Donaustraße 23–27 and 29 to be demolished and replaced with two new buildings.

What will happen after the planned start of construction in the first half of 2020?

According to the current construction schedule, the demolition of the properties listed above is planned for the first half of 2020. However, depending on the progress of the negotiations with the City of Vienna, the actual start date may be brought forward or pushed back until the summer of 2020.

Architecture of the buildings

In light of climate change, are there any plans with regard to green walls or roofs?

After the basic planning decisions have been made, the planners will also look into this issue extensively. If the existing multi-storey car park is retained, we will strive to preserve the current vegetation.

Green spaces

What open spaces are being planned?

Open spaces and green spaces are included in our plans. The extent to which they are actually implemented will depend on which variant we decide to realise. This decision-making process is the subject of the ongoing discussions with the City of Vienna and the public authorities.

There is a large green space behind the existing office building, and a very high building density can be expected to have a negative impact on the microclimate in the area. What measures are planned in this regard?

In accordance with the requirements of the Vienna Building Code, an appropriate amount of open space is created between all new buildings, and we will strive to plant greenery on the majority of this space.


What are the plans for the existing multi-storey car park in the rear area of the Obere Donaustraße 23–27 property?

Whether a new use will be planned for this part of the site largely depends on the talks with the public authorities, as it could also conceivably be used as residential space.


Who will operate the hotel?

We are currently in the midst of discussions with multiple international hotel chains. We hope that these negotiations will reach a fruitful conclusion quickly and expect to be able to announce the hotel operator for LeopoldQuartier to the public by autumn 2019 at the latest.


How tall will the new buildings be?

The Vienna Building Code classifies the relevant properties into Construction Class IV and partially into Construction Class V, which allows for a height of up to 26 metres. For details, visit the following link: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauklasse_(%C3%96sterreich)#Weblinks

Are high-rises planned at the site?

At this time, there are multiple planning scenarios in which the possibility of a high-rise is also being assessed. In a different scenario, the preservation of the existing multi-storey car park is also being evaluated, for example.


Are there plans to create new infrastructure such as shops?

Yes, the plans call for the ground floor area of the hotel to be accessible to the public. Whether this takes the form of a café, restaurant, or shop has not yet been decided at this stage of the planning. The future hotel operator, which has not yet been determined, will also have ideas to contribute in this context.


Are any figures available regarding the additional traffic volume?

Naturally, we will take the expected traffic volume in comparison to the current development and use situation into account in line with the regulatory requirements.


I am interested in an apartment. Whom can I contact?

We will be happy to add you to our list of prospective buyers, but cannot provide any information about apartment types or sizes at this time. Please send your enquiries to wohnen@ubm-development.com.

Obere Donaustraße 23-29 • A-1020 Vienna
10 minutes from the 1st district by foot
5 minutes from Augarten by foot
5 minutes from Roßauer Lände station by foot
Scheduled to be completed in 2022/2023

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